A better way to pay for your Rockhurst education.

Rockhurst is standing behind student success with our new Income Share Agreement program. With a Rockhurst ISA, you’ll only pay when you succeed.

Rockhurst University’s new ISA program reduces the up-front, out-of-pocket cost of college, so that you can focus on what really matters: your education. Rockhurst is committed to your future, and with an ISA, you’ll only pay when you succeed.

Through Rockhurst ISAs, you can access up-front tuition funding for your Rockhurst education. In return, you’ll make up to 60 monthly income-based payments. You’ll never pay more than the funding amount you received*, and any month you earn below the minimum income threshold ($2,500/month equivalent to $30,000/year) you’ll pay nothing*. Browse this site for more information, and visit the Resource Center for additional materials to help you navigate Rockhurst’s new ISA program. For more information on Rockhurst’s ISA program, contact a financial aid advisor.

What Is an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?

An ISA is a contract between you and Rockhurst University that provides funding for your education. In exchange, you agree to share a fixed percentage of your gross earned income for a fixed period of time after you leave school. Here are some of the key terms you should know before you sign an ISA:

ISA Amount
Amount funded to your Rockhurst account
Income Share

Percentage of your gross monthly income you will share

Maximum Number of Monthly Payments
Greatest number of monthly payments you could be obligated to make
Payment Cap
Maximum amount you could be obligated to share
Payment Window
Number of months before your ISA obligation automatically expires
Minimum Income Threshold
Minimum gross monthly income you must earn before monthly payments are due ($2,500)
Grace Period
The six months after you leave Rockhurst before payments start

Benefits of an ISA

  • With a Rockhurst ISA, your total monthly payments will never exceed the funding amount you received.
  • ISA payments are a fixed percentage of your income, so they’ll always be proportional to your earnings
  • Any month you’re unemployed or earning below the gross monthly minimum income threshold, you’ll make no payments. Your payments will resume once you meet the minimum income threshold.
  • If your payment window closes before you reach the maximum number of monthly payments or payment cap, your ISA automatically will expire, provided that you’ve made your payments as required whenever you earned above the minimum income threshold. Your contract may expire even if you’ve paid less than your initial funding amount or nothing at all.
  • Built-in protections include a payment cap that limits total payments, a maximum number of monthly payments that limits how many payments you can make, and deferment options that let you pause payments without accruing interest.

“Rockhurst University has proven to be one of the nation’s best long-term investments for its students. Now, with our income share agreement program, we are able to ensure even more students will have access to an education that will change their lives forever. This ISA program, built in partnership with our students, gives us the ability to invest in our students even more, and for them to invest in their own futures.”

Gerald Moench Chief Financial Officer 

Fulfilling an ISA

To fulfill an ISA, you’ll either make the maximum number of monthly payments or hit the payment cap—whichever comes first. If your payment window closes before you fulfill one of those obligations, your ISA will automatically expire, even if you’ve paid little or nothing at all.

Maximum Number of Monthly Payments

Your ISA will define a maximum number of monthly income-based payments. Once you make that number of payments, your ISA ends—even if you’ve paid less than the initial funding amount.

Payment Cap

Over the course of making monthly income-based payments, you may hit the payment cap. If you hit the payment cap, you fulfill your ISA*—even if you’ve made fewer than the maximum number of monthly payments.

Getting Started

With an intuitive online portal and advisors available for questions, Rockhurst makes it easy to register for an ISA. After you sign an ISA, you’ll receive education funding, and—six months after you leave Rockhurst—you’ll make income-based payments when you earn above the minimum income threshold. Here are the steps to take if you’re interested in learning more about an ISA.


Evaluate all your financing options

Visit the Student Resources page to find Rockhurst’s Financial Fitness Quiz, and consult with Rockhurst's Financial Aid Office and a trusted financial advisor about whether an ISA is right for you. If you and Rockhurst agree this is a good option for you, ask for an invitation to apply for an ISA.


Complete your ISA registration

You’ll receive an email invitation to register for your ISA. Review the terms and, if you choose to proceed, sign the contract digitally. Your ISA amount will then be credited toward your tuition on the designated disbursement date(s).


Focus on your Rockhurst education

After you leave Rockhurst, you’ll have a 6-month grace period before your first payment is due. During that time, annually, and any time your income changes, submit employment and income documentation for ISA servicing.

Contact Your Financial Aid Advisor

Complete the form below, and a dedicated Rockhurst University advisor will reach out to answer your questions and help you apply for an ISA.